New Japanese KanjiNew Japanese: Alliance & Independents.
Old Japanese Kanji by Takata SenseiOld Japanese: Written by Mrs. Takata, The Radiance Technique & Independents.
Combination KanjiCombination: Reiki Touch & Independents.
KatakanaKatakana: Traditional Japanese Reiki (TJR).
Reiki Ryoho

What Reiki Ryoho is:
Usui Sensei said: "Reiki Ryoho is a spiritual healing technique and an energy healing technique". Spiritual healing connects one with Universal Consciousness bringing spiritual growth by healing core patterns and issues and helping one remember the fullness of 'who they are'. Energy healing brings relief from pain and symptoms in the mind, body and emotions.

Reiki Ryoho brings one to understand the 'purpose of life'; establishes the 'Self' which is aware of the 'True meaning of Life' as part of Universal Consciousness; connects one to Higher levels of consciousness. Reiki Ryoho is a spiritually-guided, individual experience and a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Reiki Ryoho expands 'Love', helping one to understand the True meaning of 'Unconditional Love'. Reiho increases and spreads the vibration of 'Love' to all of life.

Reiki Ryoho expands 'Harmony', raises one's vibrations to be in sync (or resonance) with the Divine and in so doing brings 'Peace' and happiness on personal, family and global levels. It is for you and everyone alive who is desirous of a higher quality of life. Reiki is pure 'Divine Light'.

Reiki Ryoho restores wholeness to body, mind and spirit, increases intuition, and helps one reconnect to their 'God-given' gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. It is a transcendental, counterclockwise spiraling energy, which works with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels simultaneously. It is an evolutionary process, which will increase the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in all life. This precise self-help technique encourages personal growth and transformation on all levels.

Reiki Ryoho is a powerful natural system that unlocks the inner flow of vital energy, restoring and balancing the energy systems in all living things. This natural healing system is complete and whole in and of itself, yet acts synergistically with all other healing methods. It is for preventing disorders, maintaining positive wellness, helping the healing process and is beneficial in emergency situations or when used with medical and other procedures.

Reiki is always available and is unlimited; once attuned to the energy, you never lose it and cannot over use it. It is safe and easy to use anytime, any place, any situation and it can never be used to manipulate or control anything.

What Reiki Ryoho is not:
Reiki Ryoho does not involve E.S.P. or unusual psychic phenomenon; is not a form of psychic healing or psychic surgery and is not a massage technique.

Reiki Ryoho is not difficult to use or limited to a select few people. It is not just for when one is ill or used simply to reduce pain and symptoms. Reiho wholes the body, bringing it into sync with the Divine rhythm of the Universe. Everyone can learn, use and benefit from daily use of Reiho.

Reiki Ryoho cannot be taught by just anyone, it is necessary to receive extensive training in order to teach the system. There are many organizations, schools, and individuals that teach Reiki but few teach Usui Reiki Ryoho.